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EmployerConfidential Employer
Location Picayune, MS US
PostedJanuary 24, 2020

Job Details

Home Job Trainer

  • Maintains daily IDD service notes and or other documentation required by MS Department of Mental Health. Performs all required work as assigned for working with program participates. Ensures daily outcomes are met and follows the Plan of Services and Supports for each person assigned to each staff and other records as requested by Director of Operations.

  • Coaches persons manners and etiquette with special attention given to mealtime and proper respect for elders and guests.

  • Coach’s persons on activities of daily living to include; cooking, cleaning, good personal hygiene skills, social skills, and safety.

  • Ability to give simple clear instructions, patience with the slow changes, the ability to communicate in a mode effective with the persons learning needs and style.

  • Teaches care and respect for Saint Francis property and property of others.

  • Reports all undesirable behavior, such as stealing, inappropriate sexual conduct, intimidation, disobedience and/or disrespect to Director of Operations.

  • Mentors the person in developing relationships with other day program attendees and other community members and resources.

  • Must interact with individuals who receive IDD services.

  • Follows training guidelines of regulatory agencies.

  • Documents all work performed to include date, location, attendees and subject content.

  • Reports unusual incidents through appropriate Risk Management, clinical and safety channels.

  • Participate in agency committee and staff meetings as requested

  • Follow all assigned schedules or tasks presented by program assistant or supervisors

  • Ensures persons’ rights are protected.

  • Is knowledgeable of and follows all safety procedures.

Job #333280

503 Seal Street
Apt 7
Picayune, MS US